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By using this website services you share your information with us for the successful continuation of improvement on our goods and services. If you are a representative or a buyer, you will be asked to provide your personal contact information that is necessary for the engagement of operations to prepare and complete our services that include name, physical address, email address, financial information and phone number. The information that might be collected may be used, stored and transferred to partners that enable and facilitate the continuation of our services.

Automatically collected information about your searches, browsing habit, purchases and downloads are stored during surfing and viewing on our website. These information may be used to provide you with information regarding to your searches as advertising and search results. As you continue using our services your information may be received from third parties such as your merchants and couriers.


We use your personal information to be able to source goods and services, operate on orders, provide the tools, develop systems and improve our service delivery better. The information is further used in managing our relationship with you meanwhile enabling you to participate in our surveys, promotions and offers that will reach you through advertisements of products and services which you may be in need of information. Your participation in complying with our legal pact will be vital in in identifying and detecting fraud where applicable.


A cookie is a small amount of data that is sent to your browser and kept on the hard drive of your device upon your consent. It is a technology that allows us to distinguish you from other users if you do not deactivate or erase it, when you visit our website, our servers will be notified of your presence henceforth it will be able to provide you with enhanced browsing experience.

There is first hand cookies which our platform provides, third party cookies which are provided by search engines and enable other third party functionality be provided to our website such as advertising content of your interest and web analytics services. Session cookies functions for the moment when your browser is active and running but when you close the browser the cookies gets deactivated and erased thus the inability to improve your browsing experience.


The information is shared to third parties who facilitate the continuation of services and goods acquiring and delivery. Your personal data is used by the delivery agents to find out how to delivery your orders to your preferred destination. The personal information is shared to third parties to certain functions such as assessing and managing credit risk , confirmation and processing of payments. We direct the third parties with the use of your personal information, and restrict them to use your personal information according to our business needs and legal requirement as state in this Cookie and Privacy Notice but not to their own intentions.


we have put security measures and policies to guard your personal information from unauthorized access and unintended use. All our employees, agents and third parties are informed of the strict security measures and bound by a duty of confidentiality. Any kind of breach of your personal information might be addressed in regard to legal requirement and you will be informed of the procedures that will be followed to address the issue.


Its good to ensure that you are exercising your loyalty by allowing us to access, use and keep your current and accurate personal information for us to continue offering our customer services, providing products and services. Kindly, for any inquiries regarding actions over your personal information such as updating or unsubscribing from our alerts and newsletters please contact


Your personal information will always be stored from day one of using our services and stored in a secured place. Its stored in a limited access facility where it can only be retrieved for useful business services only and can be accessed for erasure by your own request or legal requirement.